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January 24, 2007

I have worked in the plastics industry for 26 years. In 1993, I was introduced to the JDL Rotary Shut Off Nozzle. Since then, I would only use or recommend JDL products to my customers. Anytime I’ve needed to supply my customers with special thread sizes or dimensions on any of the devices JDL manufactures, they come through with the best support I’ve experienced.

The products JDL manufactures have superior quality and functionality for gas assist, conventional and extrusion molding.


Bauer Plastics Technology Group

Paul Dier
Sales & Technical Specialist

Mar. 26, 04


I would like to congratulate you on the rotary shutoff nozzle that you have developed for us here at the Venture Groesbeck facility.

The rotary shutoff nozzle has enabled to accomplish two things. One we have been able to control the drool on our hot runner jobs, and two, we have been able to decrease our cycle time on a large shot part. The long recovery time on the large part size was dictating a slow cycle time. With your shutoff nozzle we are able to run our screw as the mold is opening up, without any fear of material flowing out of the nozzle. I would also like to add that with the ¾" bore, we have not experienced any kind of pressure drop at all. We are able to continue running our molding process using the same pressures as before.

Overall we are very satisfied with the performance of the rotary shutoff nozzle, and I thank you for all your support during the development of this product.

Raul Arredondo, Jr. Venture Groesbeck Operations Manager

Cosco Inc.

2525 State St.
Columbus , IN  47201

Dear Sir:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to test the rotary resin shut off valve for you. It has worked flawlessly. We tested it on an 850-ton injection press. Unlike the first units we purchased that leaked plastic, this one does not.

The shut off valve has run on an 850 Natco for about 4 months, this being a 24 hr/7 days a week operation. The only problem I saw was the where the nozzle attaches to the valve needs to be 0.100 longer, the nozzle did not shut off completely. So this should be a good testimony to its durability.

I had my people purposely leave any plastic on the unit so you can see just where it came from.

John, if there is anything I can do for you in the future, please let me know.

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