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In the early 1990’s JDL was challenged to produce a shut off nozzle for the gas assist industry. Beyond the use of nozzles in standard injection molding, our engineers developed a low cost positive Rotary Resin Shut Off Nozzle, working directly with many gas assist suppliers in complementing this function in nozzle insertion.

Based on this success, a new challenge was to produce a smaller version which evolved into the Universal Shut Off Nozzle. With these devices now available, gas assist nozzle injection can be preformed on any molding machine. Actual use has been on machines ranging from 25 ton up to 11,000 ton. Our Rotary Resin Shut Off Valve IV was developed to stand up to pressures utilized in conventional injection molding.

If you have a need for a reliable shut off nozzle for gas assist molding, standard injection molding or structural foam give us a call!

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